Fused Glass is one of the most ancient forms of the glass arts recovered in early artifacts from Egypt. The specialized glass is fired in a kiln between 1000F and 1500F with often unexpected results. This transformation allows for infinite possibilities in design. I fuse and slump it. Each firing takes at least a full day. The shaping or slumping is another day or so in the kiln. I'll fire things sometimes several times.

Dichroic Glass is a technology developed by NASA to protect Astronauts eyes from intense solar glare and to protect space craft from intense cosmic radiation. The word Dichroic has Greek roots and means two colored. What makes the glass so extremely beautiful is the transmission of one color and reflection of another. In addition, when it is fired, the wave lenghts of light transform in unpredictable ways creating an array of unusually beautiful effects. Multiple thin layers of metal oxides including gold, silver, titanium, chromium, aluminum, zirconium, magnesium, silicon are evaporated on the surface of glass in a vacume chamber. No piece can be exactly replicated.

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