A Native of Northern California, I attended College International de Cannes, France and Sacramento State University. I arrived in Hawaii in the early 1990's as an Archaeologist. After switching my career to the Healing Arts and experimenting more with Art, I fell into glass and have never looked back. I studied at the Corning Museum Of Glass in Corning, New York and at Bullseye glass in Portland, Oregon. I fuse, slump, kiln-form, cast, mold and coldwork glass. I also design unique glass jewelry. I have learned mainly on my own through experimenting and experience.

Glass is a seductive medium because of its' natural diffusion and reflection of light. As light changes, so does the appearance of glass. 

As a long time Yoga practioner,  this process of  cultivating articulation of expression of the Souls journey has been key. An inward journey brought outward. A space in between the stillness where the source of creativity lies. 

My wish is that the viewer responds to this idea, yet, is reminded of the bigger picture and is transformed on some level. We are all on this blue planet together,  spinning around in the Universe. Lets all come together.

Today, I work out of my home studio in Napa in Northern California.

My work is in private collections and in Galleries and shops in Hawai'i and California.

Krista in Mendocino 


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